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Engelbrecht triumphs again!

"Far more obscure, but for my money the best book of the year, is The Exploits of Engelbrecht by Maurice Richardson (Savoy). Richardson, who died in 1978, was one of the old school of hacks: he later became a stalwart infester of the Colony Rooms and the sordid pubs round Soho that teemed with pissed-up talent in the 1940s and 1950s. The Exploits of Engelbrecht, the dwarf surrealist boxer, and his adventures shooting witches, boxing grandfather clocks, playing football on Mars and games of surrealist golf which last for infinity, originally appeared in Lilliput when it was at its post-war zenith. The stories were illustrated by, among others, Searle and Hoffnung. Ah, God, those were the days."

MARTIN ROWSON, The Independent on Sunday, 3rd December 2000

We're not surprised, of course (!), but it's still good to see the demon pugilist (not to mention his author and illustrators) receiving some well-deserved acclaim after all these years. Don't miss your opportunity to secure a copy of this future collector's item.

"The Exploits of Engelbrecht is English Surrealism at its greatest. Witty and fantastical, Maurice Richardson was light years ahead of his time. Unmissable."

JG Ballard

• 200 pages / Hardback / Illustrated / ISBN 0-86130-107-2 / Price: £20.00 (see Orders for mail order details)

• See the Engelbrecht book page for reviews and other information.

• Download a sample of the first chapter of this book, The Night of the Big Witch Shoot, with illustrations and other graphics: Chapter One (PDF file—3.6MB). To view you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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New picture galleries

Two new pages have been added to the Pictures section featuring work by our favourite, James Cawthorn and scarce material from the very obscure Jim Leon. Leon's powerful work appeared mainly in magazines like Oz during the '60s and '70s; since these heady days he seems to have gone to ground in France. The few remaining copies of The Savoy Book represent the only examples of his work that we know of that are still in print.

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