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New Lord Horror novel on its way

Baptised coverFinally being printed after unforeseen delays, David Britton's third novel featuring Lord Horror, Baptised In The Blood Of Millions is due for release in February 2000.

Allegedly an 'autobiographical' work by The English Lord, it is set in a very bizarre alternate universe in England before and during the Second World War. Events are rendered in Symbolist fashion and recount Horror's fantasy exploits with Mosley and his Blackshirts, and other notables including pop icon Jack Good, Lord Boothby, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Sylvia Plath and Jessie Matthews, amongst others. Also includes illustrations by the author.

Cover art by John Coulthart.

The Baptised page in our Books section devoted to the novel features photographs and notes about the various characters in the narrative.


Pre-Savoy history detailed

The Pre-Savoy zone of our History section has been updated with comprehensive information about the titles which preceded the formation of Savoy in 1976. Ranging from Butterworth's literary experimentation to Britton's musical and Weird Fiction obsessions, these small-press publications were the Savoy-in-genesis contribution to the post New Worlds-Oz-IT UK Underground of the early Seventies.

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Pulp lives!

ZenithCurrently in development, the second title in Savoy's new book line will be Monsieur Zenith the Albino. A rare gem from the golden age of the pulps, this novel by Anthony Skene has been out of print since 1936. More details to follow soon. See below for news of the first of these cult titles, The Exploits of Engelbrecht.

"Zenith's crimson-irised eyes were reflective. He stood there long of leg and broad of shoulder, immaculately dressed, groomed to perfection, cold as an icicle; and dangerous; transcendently dangerous."

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The upgraded Savoy web site

The Savoy web site, first launched in May 1998, has been totally reworked and redesigned by John Coulthart. Latest features include search facilities, new graphics, new pictures on nearly every page, new articles, new links and clearer navigation between sections. We hope you find the changes are for the better. Feedback welcome.

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