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Here To GoHere We Go Again!

Rip-off alert pt 23... Once again Terry Wilson's notorious Here to Go: Planet R101—interviews with Brion Gysin, with a preface by William Burroughs—has been reprinted, this time by Creation Books, without due credit to the book's real originator, Savoy's own Michael Butterworth.

As stated on our book page for this title, the sole idea for the book was Michael's. He had heard that Brion Gysin was ill and wanted to produce a record of his thinking for posterity. He commissioned an interview-book, to contain other texts and photographs, which Wilson assembled for Savoy on full expenses. This volume has since been acclaimed as a classic, a book which gives Gysin a voice of his own and salutes his genius, away from being a footnote to the career of William Burroughs.

This is getting tiresome to keep repeating, but Terry Wilson was acting on the instructions of Michael in the preparation of this book. Over a period of years Michael regularly corresponded with Mr Wilson, pointing him in the direction the book should go. If it hadn't been Mr Wilson who got the commission, Michael would simply have used one of several others at his call. Wilson eagerly agreed to be the messenger boy. As is explained elsewhere, the weight of police raids and legal trouble that fell on Savoy in the early '80s put paid to the Savoy edition of the book but Michael was happy to see it published eventually in its RE/Search edition. He was less happy to see that Terry Wilson had offered no credit for his efforts anywhere at all. What might have been an oversight in the original edition becomes a compounded insult in the new version which contains additional material but still no decent acknowledgement of any kind.

Michael also commissioned William Burroughs directly for the book's introduction (which he paid for in full), and the wonderful interplay between Burroughs and Gysin at the front, with Gysin shouting "Point of order, Point of order!", is wholly down to Michael, as is so much of the rest of the book. At the time these interviews were being conducted Savoy were also planning on publishing a number of Burroughs' works in original UK editions (see the Meeting William Burroughs interview.)

All of the above is corroborated by correspondence between Michael, Mr Wilson and Brion Gysin, held in Michael's files, which may be examined by interested parties. At some stage, Savoy will be reprinting a selection of these letters and finally putting the nail in Mr Wilson's coffin. A disgraceful man.


F e n e l l a !

Events are moving with the work-in-progress novel from David Britton, La Squab. On the week commencing Monday 29th July 2002 Dave and Mike with co-producer Stephen Boyce-Buckley were in the Strongroom Recording Studios, Shoreditch, with the legendary actress Fenella Fielding reading extracts from the book.

One of Fenella's first major theatre roles was in Sandy Wilson's Valmouth, based on the great Ronald Firbank novel (Firbank, of course, being a Savoy icon). In her distinguished career Fenella has played Hedda in Hedda Gabler, Nora in A Dolls House, Marion in Ayckbourne's Absurd Person Singular, Madam Pfeil in Mozart's Der Schauspieldirektor, the title role of Colette in New York and gave singular voice to Village announcements in the greatest TV series of the '60s, The Prisoner.

In the studio, she brought her unique vocal quality—that potent Fielding mix of innocence, seductive vampery and underlying sneaky unease—to her reading of La Squab, and perfectly captured the goony ambience and bizarre characters of the novel. The narrative sets-to with a journey on the Thames. On their nefarious prowl, young Squab and Lord Horror meet a jaunty collection of grotesqueries as well as all manner of Meat. Influential novels for these proceedings include The Golden Barge, The Faerie Queen, Boy in Darkness, Alice in Wonderland, Wind in the Willows by-way-of Motherfuckers and the pure rock-a-billy howl of Hellfire.

For a few fleeting moments a taste of genuine English Surrealism flowered in the much-hyped New Eastenders community of Hoxton Square, the current epicentre of Brit-Art.

This new reading at the Strongroom is the first in a series.

New Nugent

Ted Nugent's last album, Full Bluntal Nugity, was the best in his long career—we give it full Savoy approval. If his forthcoming, Craveman (Spitfire Records), is anything like this standard it will be top-hole.


Arcturus title pageMore news from Arcturus

Following the publication of Savoy's landmark edition of David Lindsay's novel, writer Jeff VanderMeer asked Savoy's designer, John Coulthart, a few questions about the creation of the book for VanderMeer's Vanderworld newsletter (www.vanderworld.redsine.com and www.vandermeer.redsine.com). John's replies have been added to the Arcturus page in our Books section.

Mike with micJ U L Y   2 0 0 2

Press release follows from BFS Publications
(Not a Savoy book but may be of interest to Savoy readers)

Discover the Man behind the Myth
The British Fantasy Society Presents:
The Age of Chaos
The Multiverse of Michael Moorcock

Michael Moorcock is one of Britain's greatest writers and possibly the most consistently experimental author in the world of fantasy literature. In The Age of Chaos, author Jeff Gardiner goes behind the pages to explore Moorcock's life and work: from his early career as an editor for New Worlds; his influence on speculative fiction; the creation of the Eternal Champion embodied by Elric, Corum, Hawkmoon, Ereköse and Von Bek; Jerry Cornelius, the spoof messiah of swinging London; the comic fantasy of The Dancers at the End of Time; Gloriana; the crazed memoirs of Colonel Pyat; the fantastic realism of Mother London and its sequel, King of the City; to Moorcock's more recent work including Silverheart and The Dreamthief's Daughter.

With an introduction by Moorcock himself, this entertaining and accessible paperback book celebrates the life and achievements of one of fantasy's leading figures. Essential for exploring the Multiverse further and for glimpsing some of the inspiration behind Moorcock's mercurial mind.

To order, send a cheque or postal order for £7.99 (plus 50p postage and packing, UK only) for the standard paperback edition, or £25 (plus £1.50 postage and packing, UK only) for the deluxe, signed (by Michael Moorcock, Jeff Gardiner and cover artist Bob Covington) numbered, hardback edition of only 100 copies, made payable to 'BFS Publications' to:

BFS Publications, c/o 3 Tamworth Close, Lower Earley, Berkshire, RG6 4EQ, England

Worldwide online credit card ordering is available via the BFS website at
Email: info@britishfantasysociety.org.uk

  Arcturus coverJ U N E   2 0 0 2

A Voyage to Arcturus in print


Official publication date: Monday August 5th 2002
ISBN No: 0 86130 111 0
RRP: £30.00

Deluxe limited edition on quality paper stock

This is, we believe, the most definitive and prestigious edition of Lindsay's masterpiece to have been published to date. Printed on coated paper, with pages blocked in gold and jacketed in the Symbolist visions of Jean Delville: a true collector's edition. Includes rare photographs of the author.


Prism and Pentecost: David Lindsay and the British Apocalypse—Introduction by Alan Moore

The Haunted ManColin Wilson's seminal essay on David Lindsay
(with new additional afterword on tipped-in pages)

Philosophical Aphorisms by David Lindsay
(never before included in an edition of his most renowned work)

"One of the greatest books of the century . . .
the most extraordinary feat of imagination in English fiction."
Colin Wilson

"A Voyage to Arcturus demands that David Lindsay be considered not as a mere fascinating one-off, as a brilliant maverick, but as one worthy and deserving of that shamanistic mantle; of the British visionary and apocalyptic legacy."
Alan Moore

"David Lindsay—a wonderful writer! A Voyage to Arcturus is a masterpiece! It's an extraordinary work . . .
quite magnificent."
Clive Barker

"David Lindsay's extraordinary A Voyage to Arcturus must be counted one of the strangest and in some ways most powerful books of our time. Undoubtedly a work of genius. Invested with a sweeping imagination that can only be compared to Blake's. One of the profoundest and most awe-inspiring inquiries into the problem of evil ever written."
The Sunday Telegraph

"The invention is continuous, the sense of mystery sustained. If that vague and much abused word 'genius' can ever have definition, then A Voyage to Arcturus is one of its products."
The Times

Jacket design by John Coulthart.
Cover paintings by Jean Delville.

Although the official release of this book will be in August, copies are available for purchase now. For mail order details, including postage rates, see our Orders section.

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