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16th January

We're sad to hear that artist Jim Leon, whose work is featured in our Pictures section, died this week after a long illness. Leon was born in Britain but had been resident in France for a number of years. As is noted on our Leon web page, although his intense work gained some attention in this country during the late '60s, he remains largely unknown and/or ignored here. We can hope now that some of the books in preparation featuring his work rectify this. Our condolences to his friends and family.

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• Rare photo unearthed! M Moorcock, Jon Finch and Hawkwind on the film set of The Final Programme circa 1973. See here.

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The Killer in print

THE KILLER by Colin Wilson

Official publication date: 3rd February 2002
Hard covers
RRP: £20.00
ISBN: 0 86130 110 2

First completely unexpurgated and unabridged publication.

With a new introduction by the author.

Colin Wilson's novel THE KILLER remains the yardstick by which English 'serial killer' fiction should be measured. This is not another example of the whipped curr of detective fiction that currently prevails but is a work created in the shadow of Ian Brady—another Northern boy gone bad—and still has the power of conviction to disturb. Wilson's central character, Arthur Lingard, exists at the extremes, caught between the reducing reality of life around him in Northern milltowns and the escape offered by the great pulp writers of imaginative fantasy (A Merritt, E R Burroughs, et cetera).

A contemporary of JG Ballard's Crash, Wilson's masterpiece was written at breakneck speed in the late 1960s. Age has not dimmed its power, but rather increased it. The Killer makes for uncomfortable reading, both in its challenging of the boundaries of crime fiction and for the unsettling heat of its obsessive sexuality. Its only equal in this sphere is Derek Raymond's I Was Dora Suarez.

Jacket design by John Coulthart.
Cover painting by Francis Bacon.

Download the first chapter: Chapter One (PDF file—512k)
You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Although the official release of this book will be in February, copies are available for purchase now. For mail order details, including postage rates, see our Orders section.

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