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Various updates underway: dedicated search page; two new interviews by Steve Manford and David Mathew; extra pictures added here and there; an ongoing process, naturally.

Coming soon: the downloads section! Watch this space.


New Proby picture galleries

PJPAs an accompaniment to a new article about Savoy's recording exploits by Steve Manford, we've added even more pictures of PJP to our galleries, all video stills from the recording sessions for The Waste Land and Lord Horror. All pictures are exclusive to this site—check 'em out!

Left: Fuckin' suave!

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New Lord Horror novel published

Don't let the perversely generic jacket of this book deceive you.

Art prompts questions. Only bad art gives answers.

David Britton's novel, Lord Horror, published in 1990, became the first book to be banned in England since Hubert Selby Jnr's Last Exit to Brooklyn in 1968.

Geoffrey Robertson QC and Article 19 led the appeal in 1992, when the ban was overturned.

Baptised in the Blood of Millions is the second Lord Horror novel.

Allegedly an 'autobiographical' work, the book is set in a very bizarre alternate universe in England before and after the Second World War. Events are rendered in Symbolist fashion and explore the British Fascism of Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts and war-time radio broadcaster Lord Haw-Haw. Other dramatis personae include pop icon Jack Good, 1950s parliamentarian Lord Boothby, philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, poetess Sylvia Plath and the biggest English movie star of the 1930s, Jessie Matthews. Includes illustrations by the author.

We guarantee you will never read another novel like this one!

Cover art by John Coulthart.

254pp / £20—Order from the Orders section

The Baptised page in our Books section devoted to the novel features photographs and notes detailing the various characters in the narrative.

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