Savoy Books 

Michael Moorcock


b/w illustrated

193mm x 125mm

Soft covers

First publication

Distributed by Wyndham Publications


ISBN 0 86130 000 9


  A wild brew of Moorcockania! Michael Moorcock's first Sword & Sorcery hero, the warrior Lord Sojan, battles on a strange and remote planet, his heroic adventures setting the stage for all Moorcock's later champions. Juvenilia penned in 1957 for Tarzan Adventures, a Moorcock-edited weekly magazine devoted to the characters of Edgar Rice Burroughs, when MM was seventeen. Contains adult fiction plus definitive articles by the author on Jerry Cornelius and the secret life of Elric of Melniboné, with great illustrations and cover by James Cawthorn. Compiled and edited—with hubris—by David Britton. Distributed by Michael Butterworth's 1970s paperback publisher.

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  • Publisher's Introduction


  • The Stone Thing: A Tale of Strange Parts
  • The Dying Castles
  • Sojan the Swordsman
  • Sojan, Swordsman of Zylor
  • Sojan and the Sea of Demons
  • Sojan and the Plain of Mystery
  • Sojan and the Sons of the Snake-God
  • Sojan and the Devil Hunters of Nod
  • Klan the Spoiler
  • Dek of Noothar
  • Rens Karto of Bersnol


  • The Secret Life of Melniboné
  • Elric
  • New Worlds—Jerry Cornelius
  • In Lighter Vein: A Note on the Jerry Cornelius Tetralogy



"Sojan is a collection whose main feature is a series of stories written while Moorcock was editor of Tarzan Adventures in the mid-fifties (when he was in his teens). One or two of them are followed by an apologetic note pointing out that they were initially drafted even earlier. The book is filled out with a few fanzine pieces.

The Sojan stories are quite unreadable, and I think that no one knows this better than Moorcock. Had he not had such a generous and sympathetic editor they might never have reached print. They are prefaced here by a delightful parody of the general tone of Sword and Sorcery fiction called The Stone Thing, and this must surely constitute an ironic comment. There are also comments (straightforward ones) on Elric and Jerry Cornelius in the informal non-fiction extracts from fanzines (which appear to be letters rather than articles) and these, for me, were the only items of real interest in the book. Devoted collectors of Moorcockiana will need this book—others beware."


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