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Savoy England

1 CS


Savoy Digital Angst

  1 Kevin Barry
8.00 (Traditional)

2 The Old Fenian Gun
2.33 (Traditional)

3 Bobby Sands
5.25 (Moore)

4 God Save The Queen

Total time: 23.05

Recorded and mixed in the UK at Suite 16, Rochdale, and Square One Studios, Bury.

Bobby Sands also available on the Savoy Sessions CD

The Old Fenian Gun also available on the Savoy Wars CD

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CD inlay text:


Savoy Digital Angst press release statements:

Bobby Sands died 5th May 1981 after going on hunger strike in Long Kesh Prison.

God Save the Queen is the first unofficial recording of the British National Anthem.

Savoy Digital Angst disc
A true musical bastard and no pussyfucking about! Strong pro-IRA vocals set to an incongruous backing of electronic rock melange. Kevin Barry, interpretation courtesy of Ireland's finest band The Wolfe Tones, kicks off this remarkable record. The Old Fenian Gun, a monologue set to New Order's Blue Monday bass riff, and Bobby Sands, a passionate lament for the Republican martyr backed by Orange drums and pipes, lead inevitably into God Save The Queen.

Interesting fact: it is illegal in England to issue a vocal recording of the National Anthem—another first from Savoy, Albion's only subversive record company!



"Britton / Butterworth get up to more musical mischief on Savoy Digital Angst their latest trawl through the annals of music history. On the chopping board this time are Irish national ballads Kevin Barry, Bobby Sands and The Old Fenian Gun. Barry is given an extra effective pounding dance heavy backing where Gun is spoken over a throbbing fuzzed bass line and Sands is backed by an Orange Pipe and Flute band performing The Sash! Yeah as bizarre as it sounds and to put the icing on the cake all vocals are handled by PJ Proby including a unique Savoy records interpretation of God Save The Queen (apparently illegal). Either highly offensive or highly hilarious. Situationist music at its finest."



"Weird as they come this one. David Britton and Michael Butterworth exude hopeless anger throughout these four pro-Irish comentaries. Kevin Barry relates the story of a young Irish lad killed in 1920. Musically, this is a mish-mash of styles: dowdy rock, house rhythms slowed to distortion, all the while, a broad 'pub-singer' accent tells the tale. The Old Fenian Gun must be the most politically grunge track ever. It's difficult to review this release because the politics are so obviously more important than the music. The two sit together awkwardly, thus achieving the desired effect: to make us think. Bobby Sands is a strange brew—determined vocals and a strong military marching tune develop the story of Bobby Sands MP who died in prison whilst on hunger-strike. He won a seat in the British Parliament despite being in captivity. The final track God Save the Queen once again features coarse lyrics interpreting the National Anthem set to an almost ironic funky back beat (very much in the Test Department, New World Order style). At times I become uncomfortable in cases where the inflammatory overshadow the music so greatly. Britton and Butterworth have a message to convey and they do so successfully with a unique style. These are tales of those gone but not forgotten."

MATHEW F RILEY, Music From The Empty Quarter


"Outrageous rave recordings which will infuriate both loyalists and nationalists in Northern Ireland."



"Fresh from their triumphal aquittal in the Lord Horror appeal, David Britton and Michael Butterworth unleash Savoy Digital Angst upon the world. And if you thought that the lads would be avoiding the wrath of the establishment from now, think again! This four-track affair not only pays warped 'tribute' to IRA men Bobby Sands and Kevin Barry but also has Irish revolutionary song The Old Fenian Gun reworked in a truly bizarre manner, and a danced-up version of God Save The Queen (that's the national anthem, not the Sex Pistols number)."


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