Savoy Books 
The Russian Intelligence

Michael Moorcock


b/w illustrated

193mm x 125mm

Soft covers

First publication

Distributed by New English Library


ISBN 0 86130 027 0

The Russian Intelligence

  The comedy thriller sequel to The Chinese Agent featuring secret agent-man Jerry Cornell. The second spoof detective 'Nick Allard' novel written by Moorcock for Compact Books in the mid-'60s (the other two were, Somewhere in the Night and Printer's Devil). In his 1980 re-write of the series 'Allard' became Cornell. Somewhere in the Night and Printer's Devil, revised and retitled, became The Chinese Agent and The Russian Intelligence. Introduction by Jack Trevor Story ("The world of Michael Moorcock is an unreal microcosm set in a terribly actual Marks and Spencer universe.")

Jacket and interior spaceman art: Harry Douthwaite.

Read the whole of Jack Trevor Story's introduction, Throwaway Friends, in The Revenant Zone.

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"You understand yet again the qualities that elevate a Michael Moorcock thriller into a land beyond thrillers, the other side of Chandler and Fleming, far, far into the hinterland of THROWAWAY—my own one and only favourite country."

JACK TREVOR STORY from the introduction

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