Savoy Books 
The Illustrated James Dean

Compiled by David Britton
and Thomas Sheridan


b/w illustrated

280mm x 204mm

Soft covers

First publication

Published for Savoy by Thomas Sheridan


ISBN 0 86130 047 5

The Illustrated James Dean

  Originally to have appeared from Savoy in 1981 as a trade paperback, this was another title that almost 'got away' in our bankruptcy. Not, perhaps, as good as our Cramps and Captain Beefheart collections. Lacking the quality of journalism in those publications, The Illustrated James Dean is in effect a straightforward reprint of two rare 1960s James Dean exploitative magazines that appeared following the actor's death in 1955. There's some interesting pictures of Dean that, at the time we published them, had not been seen in forty years. An interesting aside: we identified the actor/singer Steve Rowlands in several pictures of Dean at the car race track. In the course of compiling our PJ Proby biography we called on Steve, who had been a Hollywood friend of PJ's as well as the producer of the PJ Proby/Led Zeppelin album Three Week Hero, at his London flat. Mr Rowlands showed us unpublished photographs of himself and Dean taken together (and of himself with Eddie Cochran, Joan Collins and the like). Somebody should do an article on the fascinating Steve Rowlands before it's too late.

• A few copies of this title are still available. See the Orders page for purchase details.

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