Savoy Books 
The Adventures of Meng & Ecker

David Britton and Kris Guidio


304mm x 214mm

298mm x 212mm

Hard/soft covers

First publication


ISBN 0 86130 099 8

The Adventures of Meng & Ecker

  Two hundred and sixty pages of the best comic strips on this fucking earth taken from Savoy's notoriously banned and bad Meng & Ecker comics, and including previously unpublished work (Meng & Ecker #10 & 11, only available in this format). Hard to credit, perhaps, but the 'creep boy' servants of Lord Horror ('Lord Haw-Haw') are also blood descendants of Fudge & Speck, two pixie characters from a Manchester Evening News children's comic strip. Meng & Ecker was the first comic to be banned in England, declared obscene by Judge Gerard Humphries on 18th July, 1992, despite a strong defence by top freedom QC, Geoffrey Robertson. On 17th July, 1995, thousands more assorted Meng & Ecker and Lord Horror comics were confined to the flames by Stipendiary Magistrate Jane Hayward, who disallowed a jury trial and then found the works obscene and likely to corrupt. This new collection will enable a fresh audience to discover through Waterstone's, Dillon's and other high-street bookshops some of the most ferocious graphics and texts of all time. Meng & Ecker appears again, despite the might of the British judicial system, all 'right-thinking' people and inane moralists everywhere to prevent its publication. It is from Manchester. David Britton is England's most imprisoned and suppressed writer. Kris Guidio is this country's most lurid and baroque comic artist. Meng & Ecker is the best comic book in the world!

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Meng & Ecker  
Contents: Wang-Dang-Doodle / On The Meat Rack / The Leech Farm / The Adventures of Lord Horror Across The Media Landscape (article by Brian Stableford) / Rip-Rap-Meat Rack / Pope On The Ropes / All I Want For Christmas (fiction by Carolyn Horn) / Meng & Ecker In Blackpool / Rip E't Up / Hillsborough Hijinx / Reverbstorm (article by Paul Temple) / Back On The Meat Rack / Oke-She-Moke-She Pop! / Evil Science In Paradise / The Strange And Serious Case Of The Aids Cakes / The Madness Of The Meng / Raw Power / Happy Home For The Unborn / The 'GQ' Article (article by John Williams) / The Pigskin Bus / Andertonbirds Are Go! / Lord Horror's Revenge / Melancholia And Languor In The House Of Sombre Introspection



"At last, a giant oversized collection of the best material from the world's most invective, deliberately offensive comic book, Meng & Ecker. In case you're not familiar with this series...these comics are based on the universe originally created by David Britton in his confrontational novel, Lord Horror...in which the British Lord Horror (based extremely loosely on the real-life Lord Haw Haw) and his henchmen, Meng and Ecker, search the world for Hitler, who survived World War II. In the comic series based on them, Meng and Ecker take on a life of their own. In each issue, Britton writes, Kris Guidio painstakingly draws, and Michael Butterworth edits a series of misanthropic, amoral, vulgar, nihilistic adventures where more sacred cows are slaughtered than at McDonalds’s processing plants in India.

"No other comic is so good at being so bad. As one of the characters comments about Meng and Ecker: "Even 'bad taste' wouldn't stay in the same room as these fuckers." In someone else's hands, M&E could turn into a pitiful, tail-spinning exercise in hateful masturbation. But the writing is so excellent, the artwork so untouchable, the production values so high, and the dark humour so perfectly pitched that it becomes a crowning achievement of transgressive art."

RUSS KICK, Psychotropedia

"Moralists, grannies and 'right-thinking' people everywhere will see this as yet another example of the decline of civilisation as we know it. But that's what they said about Hogarth and Gillray."

ROBERT McCRUM, The Observer


"To be Céline one needs genius. To write (the Hitler novel) The Portage To San Cristobal Of AH one needs talent. To pour out lavatory infantile filth (as does the author of Meng & Ecker) one needs neither."



"The best comic in England!"



"Obscene and deeply irreverent, the funniest thing I've read in ages... everyone gets the razor in terrific wit and style."



"The best, most outrageous, offensive comic we get sent from anywhere in the world. Steps on every sacred cows' toe they can find. All drawn with a detail that would fit well with Aubrey Beardsley. Awesome and nasty."



"David Britton's shamanic stunt in 'creating' most of these characters is not that of a disinterested academic, nor even a 'poet-maudite'. This is the blazing insane rage of an obic sorcerer or tribal witch-doctor rallying racial spirits or cultural archetypes. There is no 'possibly' about it... this is THE BEST comic book in the world."



"There is no easy or, indeed, adequate way to describe Meng & Ecker—each issue is an experience. It is the only comic that I can legitimately say I look forward to reading. First you must forget everything you have ever known, or thought you knew, about comic books. You must approach these pages with eyes and mind open, and with a certain amount of nerve... or, better yet, humour. Their comic adventures are neither particularly comic nor adventuresome, but a kind of mad nihilistic romp through the hell that is earth—a vital continuum of murder, mayhem and misogyny... no one is exempt."



"Gloriously seductive and, most dangerously, way cool."



"Meng & Ecker has much to say about urban society and culture, and says it with an energy and urgency that, however much the visuals may repel, cannot be ignored."

SARAH BOLESWORTH, Comics International


"This comic contains pictures that will be repulsive to right-thinking people."


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