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Proby rip-offs warning!

Heroes, PJ Proby, Shanghai Music/TKO-Magnum Music, July 1998 CDPS004

We were shanghaid with this one! Savoy gave Shanghai Music Maestro Micki Dallon permission to use a couple of Britton/Butterworth productions for a compilation he licensed to cheapskate label TKO/Magnum. When the disc came out in July 1998 we were concerned to find that Savoy tracks—a total of eight—dominated the 'album' (actually, at 38 minutes, an EP)!! When we sat down to listen we were dismayed to further discover that we scarcely recognised our own recordings. Our tracks had been massacred—hacked to their bare essentials, and for no good reason that we could see. We decided straight away to disown the disc—and that's still the position. Buy our originals, on the definitive PJ Proby: The Savoy Sessions and Savoy Wars. While we have disowned the CD, Micki Dallon has made a payment of £500 directly to PJ—so the venture has not been a complete balls-up. DON'T BUY IT.

Update—October 1999; it gets worse...

Heroes, PJ Proby, Shanghai Music/Elap Music, 1998 16324CD

Imagine our surprise when a year later, we learned of another Shanghai Music disc, also titled Heroes, by PJ Proby, with different packaging—and TEN Savoy tracks! This one was on sale only in Sweden and Denmark, and to purchase copies we had to go through our Scandinavian friends. Again, the tracks had been mutilated, only even more ineptly. They are faded-out part-way through, openings are cut off. One of the 'tracks' (Garbageman) isn't even by PJ, but by one of our favourite Mancunian rock singers, Barrington. Obviously, Barrington has a completely different voice to that of Herr Proby. The track isn't even fully orchestrated. It's a first-day demo done to a click-track, with a few early strings...

Someone must have slipped Micki Dallon a Mickey Finn.

We cringed. How many more of these CDs were there, floating about in the ether? For Savoy to be Shanghaid once, takes some doing. But to be fucked twice, is above and beyond the call of duty.

Another daft record. Avoid.

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