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Michael Butterworth

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Michael Butterworth



(Discussing the prosecution of Lord Horror):

"What has changed in me has been my realisation that British people are not free to speak, despite, I think now naively, being brought up to believe otherwise. Statutes and undertakings which have been put in place to protect freedom of expression are all fine, but as you work through the courts you realise there are inbuilt 'protections'—'discretions', 'public interest immunity orders'—which can be evoked by officials, and unless you are prepared to fight very aggressively and persistently to test a law, as we are doing, you will be railroaded.

There is no written Constitution in Britain. There should be one. The Section Three laws are pernicious to publishers because they mean that any unqualified official who objects to your work can have it destroyed, without a jury. Truly groundbreaking work, which I regard David Britton's to be, cannot get out. Britain should be what it always proclaims to the world to be—free. There should be no censorship. What are we frightened will happen ?"

Principal works:

1968—1975: Author of short stories for New Worlds and many anthologies of New Wave SF. Editor of small press magazines Concentrate, Corridor and Wordworks.

1976: The Time Of The Hawklords (novel). Founding publisher of Savoy Books with David Britton.

1977: The Queens Of Deliria (novel).

1978: Co-editor (with David Britton) of The Savoy Book.

1984: Co-editor (with David Britton) of Savoy Dreams.

1987—present: Editor and contributor, David Britton's Lord Horror novel and Lord Horror and Meng & Ecker graphic series.

1995: Ledge Of Darkness (graphic novel with Bob Walker).

2009: Founder-publisher of Corridor8, International Journal of Contemporary Art and Writing.

2011–present: contributor of short work and poetry to Emanations journal, Ed Carter Kaplan, Brookline Massachuesetts.

2016: The Blue Monday Diaries: In the Studio With New Order (memoir).

2019: Butterworth (collected short fiction), My Servant the Wind (novel).




Above: Michael Butterworth and Michael Moorcock at the Bizarre Bazaar, Oxford

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