Savoy Comics
Meng & Ecker #8

Script—David Britton

Art—Kris Guidio / Bob Walker


A Savoy Young Turks Production


ISBN 0 86130 093 9

Meng & Ecker 8

Meng & Ecker 8 Article:
What an issue!—the winner of five Eagle awards for 'Best Comic', 'Best Artist', 'Best Script', 'Best Morals' and 'Best Backbone'! Our undying thanks to the comic readers of Britain for helping make your favourite comic what it is today. God bless you all.

Herbie Schopenhauer Has A Dream by Bob Walker

In which Hector Helicopter stages a Second Coming and Herbie demonstrates why princesses prefer German cars.

The Death Of Meng

Meng the Magnificent dies and loses his town halls—both in the same day! Ecker has his work 'cut out' to rescue his brother's spare parts. A story hopefully absent of any High Tory Morals.

Short story:
Black Leather Valkyrie
by Lucy Swan

The auspicious debut of 'The Torture Queen'. Little Lou draws blood from the Twins.

Raw Power

The Dicks of Death visit the inane world of superheroes. Meng undergoes metamorphosis from Batman to Judge Dredd in one useless goosestep. Rough as fucking a cob and twice as good as any DC comic. Back to basics with a vengeance.

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"Quite simply the best, most outrageous, offensive comic we get sent from anywhere in the world, stepping on every sacred cow's toe it can find, all drawn with a detail that would fit well with Aubrey Beardsley. Awesome and nasty."

FACT SHEET FIVE, ('Publisher's Choice' page)


"This comic could be read—and possibly gloated over—by people who enjoyed viciousness and violence. It had pictures that would be repulsive to right-thinking people...It is luridly bound and it is more likely (than novels, etc,) to attract attention from the less literate."

presiding at the Trial of Lord Horror and Meng & Ecker,
Crown Court, Manchester, England, 30th July 1992


"Savoy's new comic titles make Grant Morrison's New Adventures of Hitler seem as shocking as The Beano. They are unlike anything that's so far come out of British independent comics."



"Meng & Ecker take comic art into new and sicker realms of weirdness."



"In order to stop this disgusting material being sold I have written to the police enclosing the comics in question. I am surprised that bookshops stock these publications on the shelves."

GEOFFREY DICKENS, JP, Tory MP 16th Aug 1989


"Crap through and through. Cash-in shlock."



"Britton is a scriptwriting genius. It is a testament to his writing that a strip so outwardly racist, bigoted and homophobic, becomes none of these things."

DEL ROONEY, Battleground


"There is no easy or, adequate way, to describe Meng & Ecker. Each issue is an experience. It is the only comic that I can legitimately say that I can look forward to reading, if only because it is the one book that you cannot approach with expectation...First you must forget everything you have ever known, or thought you knew, about comic books, graphic novels, whatever. You must approach these pages with eyes and mind wide open, and with a certain amount of nerve or, better yet, humour. If not, you will find exactly what the Great Manchester Police Department would like you to find."



"Dangerously disarming. Each issue seems to wind in and out of a timeless realm of metamorphic incident."

D M MITCHELL, Rapid Eye 2 (1995 edition)


"No other comic is so good at being so bad."

RUSS KICK, Psychotropedia

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