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John Coulthart

John Coulthart



Reactions to John Coulthart's work:


'A striking example of the need to create and the desire to shock the sensibilities of an audience with a phantasmic subject linked to a febrile and phantasmagorical talent.'

Burne Hogarth


Greater Manchester Police

'Intricate, complex and downright beautiful.'

Comics International

'John Coulthart is really something else and I loved the references not only to Beardsley but Harry Clarke, not to mention Picasso. It occurs to me that Coulthart would be the perfect illustrator for The Naked Lunch...'

Simon Wilson, curator at the Tate Gallery, London
and author of
Beardsley and Surrealist Painting (Phaidon)


Appeal Court Judge

Principal works:

1981-1985: Album cover artist for Hawkwind, including The Chronicle Of The Black Sword.

1986: Graphic adaptation of The Haunter Of The Dark by HP Lovecraft (Caermaen Books).

1988: Graphic adaptation of The Call Of Cthulhu by HP Lovecraft (The Starry Wisdom, Creation Books).

1990: Artist Lord Horror: Hard Core Horror #5

1990—continuing: Artist Lord Horror: Reverbstorm

1999: The Haunter Of The Dark published by Oneiros Books. 128 page book collecting previous Lovecraft work, some Lord Horror material and The Great Old Ones with Alan Moore.

2000—present: Designer of new Savoy book line

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