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• • • Into the Media Web

Into the Media Web

Our fatigued distributor John Davey is in the Savoy office as we write, delivering his final MS for Michael Moorcock's Into the Media Web. A world expert on the Moorcock corpus, John has had his nose to the grindstone for the past few years assembling this definitive 700-page collection of articles, introductions and reviews penned by Moorcock between 1956 and 2006. A landmark volume, scheduled to appear later this year, date to be announced.

The Exploits of Engelbrecht

Next book out from Savoy will be a new edition of The Exploits of Engelbrecht by Maurice Richardson. Some new illustrations have been added, and designer John Coulthart has created a new jacket and spruced up the interior. Reissuing Richardson's inspired novel (blurbed by JG Ballard as "English surrealism at its greatest") goes against the usual Savoy rule of not doing reprints. Once we've done a book we don't normally go back and re-do it. In this instance, however, we feel that such a great and unique book should never be allowed to go out of print.

Henry Treece

Along similar lines we've been pondering the persistent lack of attention given to Henry Treece's great Celtic tetralogy, his series of historical novels for adults. We published these in the Seventies as paperbacks on what has proved to be very poor paper stock. Isn't it high time someone brought these peerless novels back into print again? We're still considering the matter.

Fenella reads Colette

Responding to the many enquiries about Savoy's Fenella Fielding recording project, we can reveal that this Sunday's Independent (24th February) is scheduled to run a major interview with Ms Fielding concentrating on her recordings with Savoy. This overview of her varied career by Robert Chalmers (who also profiled PJ Proby recently) looks like being the first substantial feature about her in many years. It also marks the first time Dave and Mike have discussed the project with the media.

Finally, and also as of writing, we've signed contracts with The Orchard, a global leader in digital music, authorising them to re-release our entire recording output to date. This means the official Savoy music catalogue will now be available via iTunes and other online music services.

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• • • The Torture Queen of Heroin Chic

Lucy Swanleft: Lucy Swan

Lucy Swan's debut novel is a malevolent work of conceptual innovation; a picaresque overdose of dangerous narcotics that mashes body art fury, Holocaust decor, kill thrill hysteria and disenfranchised magic into an unwholesome concoction as deadly as the drugs its characters consume. A provocative new Savoy collaboration which amplifies the Lord Horror mythos in an unexpected way.

In The Adventures of Little Lou, Lucy Swan refashions her own persona—her pierced and tattooed body, embellished with the Hebrew names of the Sephiroth: Binah, Chokmah, Geburah, Chesed, etc—to create a psychotic feminine foil for the masculine anti-heroes of David Britton's novels.

This authorial stratagem makes The Adventures of Little Lou a golden motherfucker of a book. Sharp as a butterfly blade and blessed with a shot of vicious humour running through its veins, this transgressive volume leaves the compromised meanderings of Kathy Acker, Poppy Z Brite and Elizabeth Young looking as limp and bloodless as one of Little Lou's discarded victims.

The Adventures of Little LouThe Adventures of Little Lou by Lucy Swan

Publication: 19th November 2007
ISBN: 978-086130-1171
RRP: £18.00
Format: Hardback
pp: 128

A very handsome deluxe edition with
marbled end-papers and gilded edges,
limited to 300 copies.

To acquire a copy of this book, see the Mail Order page.

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