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David Britton
David Britton



"Lord Horror was so unique and radical, I expected to go to prison for it. I always thought that if you wrote a truly dangerous book—something dangerous would happen to you. Which is one reason there are so few really dangerous books around. Publishers play at promoting dangerous books, whether they're Serpents Tail or Penguin. All you get is a book vetted by committee, never anything radically imaginative or offensive that will take your fucking head off. Ironically, I think it would do other authors a power of good if they had to account for their books by going to prison—there are far too many bad books being published!

Prison just reinforced everything I already believed about society's lack of judgement—40% of the people in there shouldn't be there. Mostly they're there for misdemeanours like soft drugs, traffic offences, non-payments of fines, or because they're poor or mentally, badly parked.

Strangeways Prison was a truly terrible place, the equal in terror and intimidation of a prison in a corrupt third world country. When people are being burned alive in cells opposite, you get some hint of what Auschwitz must have been like. Prison didn't cure me. It just made me more bitter, and more determined to retaliate."

Principal works:

1969—1975: Editor of small press magazines Weird Fantasy, Bognor Regis and Crucified Toad

1976: Founding publisher of Savoy Books with Michael Butterworth

1978: Co-editor (with Michael Butterworth) of The Savoy Book

1984: Co-editor (with Michael Butterworth) of Savoy Dreams

1987: Creator and script writer of the Lord Horror and Meng & Ecker graphic series

1990: Lord Horror (with Michael Butterworth)

1994: Scripts and stories for Lord Horror: Reverbstorm

1996: Motherfuckers: The Auschwitz Of Oz

2001: Baptised in the Blood of Millions

2012: La Squab: The Black Rose of Auschwitz

2013: Invictus Horror

2017: Razor King

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