Savoy History
Corridor 2 (OUT OF PRINT)

Editor/Publisher: Michael Butterworth
(as Michael Butterworth Publications)


B&W Illustrated

297mm x 210mm

Soft cover


Corridor 2

  Stephen Greenhalgh picA Savoyard's first brush with censorship. The Moss Side Free Press, Manchester (who had happily printed Corridor #1), refused to print this second issue on the grounds that Bob Jenkins's front cover art and Paul Buck's anti-Royalist submission, 'were sexist'. In this, the 'FREEP' were years ahead of their time, for their concern forshadowed the troubles lying in store for Savoy in the Politically Correct 1980s. In that later heyday of liberal intolerance, the world renowned Compendium bookshop and UK independent record cartel distributors led by Rough Trade Records suddenly refused to handle anything with a Savoy logo on it—a policy which other retailers and distributors copied, resulting in the decade-long blanket embargo on Savoy.

Possibly remembering their freedom ideals, the FREEP collective relented somewhat. They would not print the magazine, but they would allow the continued use of their Hermes electric typewriter to type-set it. But a precedent had been set.

In the way of all censorship, the opposite result to the intended one was achieved. The printing of Corridor was taken over by the White Light Press, run by John Muir, who was the printer of Crucified Toad. John, God bless, introduced Butterworth to Britton—an outcome that might have surprised the long defunct FREEP as accidentally assistant in the birth of Savoy, and, eventually, that bastion of all that's un-PC, Meng & Ecker.



  • Alex Kernagan—'War Games'
  • John Sladek—'Comedo'
  • James Sallis—'Jane Crying'
  • Paul Buck—'A Cunt Not Fit For the Queen'
  • Bob Jenkins—'Dillinger is Real'
  • Terry Gregory—'Mada Genisis'
  • Gordon Abbott—'Masks of Judgement'
  • Giles Gordon—"Encounter at Mornington Crescent'


  • John H Clark—'Sculpture'
  • Thomas M Disch—'Guile Evicted', 'Two Pieces of Music: The William Tell Overture; The Goldberg Variations'
  • Neil Spratling—'Poem'
  • Gina Butterworth—'Conception and Death', 'Watching My Thoughts'


  • Bob Jenkins—front cover
  • Alan Stephanson
  • Peter Kirkham
  • Gina Butterworth
  • Stephen Greenhalgh
  • Rick Barman
  • Jack Yates—back cover
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